Club Constitution

Drawing by Cathy Brunson

The name of this Club is: Araucana Club of America

Its  purposes are:

  1. To promote interest in, and knowledge of the Araucana Breed, as well as to foster sportsmanship, goodwill, and friendship among Poultry Fanciers.
  2. To encourage the study of all phases of breeding the Araucana bird, with the aim of improving both its conformation and temperament.

Annual dues are to be paid to the Club as a membership fee, which will be used by the Club for Newsletter costs, website maintenance, Show Awards, & etc.

Donations to the Club will be used according to the intentions of the donor , if expressed, else they will be use to promote the Club & its various activities.

Operations of the Club may, incidental to its purposeful activities, produce a profit, and if so, then all such excess monies shall be used for the promotion of the Club.


  1. Members of the Club shall adopt and may from time to time revise these By-Laws as may be required to carry out the objects of the Club.
  2. Only members in good standing order can vote or decide club’s matter.

In the event that this Club should at any time be dissolved, the assets of the Club that remain after all debts and liabilities have been settled in full account ,  shall be transferred to a Group or Organization that was selected by a majority of the Directors which operates similarly in purposes and manner as this Club such as the APA or the ABA.

Membership:  All memberships are automatically Family Memberships but still have exactly and only, one vote.

Club Newsletters: Club Newsletters are to be sent quarterly of every year to all the members of the Club in the manner in which they chose; either electronically or in paper form via the USPS office.


1. Committee of Volunteers with the following positions:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Membership Secretary
  • Standards Representative
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Webmaster
  • Forum Administrator
  • Historian
  • Show Committee

2. Elections and Appointments

a. President:

  • Nominations for President will be accepted from any member who has served on the Committee of Volunteers for a minimum of six months.
  • If only one person is nominated,  then that person can be elected by a majority vote of the Committee of Volunteers.
    •  If more than one person from the Committee is nominated, then the  election will be put to all the Club Members,  with the majority vote from that election,  being the winner and the new President.
  • In the event that no one from the Committee of Volunteers steps forward, then nominations can be solicited from the general membership to be voted on by majority vote of the Committee of Volunteers.
  • Election will be by majority vote of the Committee of Volunteers, even if more than one person was nominated.
  •  The Membership Secretary will receive nominations and tally the ballots.
  • Majority vote is defined as the majority of votes cast within the time limits specified.

b.  All other positions  are open to any Club member.

  • If only one person is nominated, then that person can be elected by majority vote of the Committee of Volunteers.
  • If more than one person is nominated, then the  election will be by majority vote of the Club members.
  • The Membership Secretary will receive nominations and tally ballots.
  • For the office of Membership Secretary, the President will receive nominations and tally the ballots.

c.  The term of service for each elected office shall be two (2) years.

A person may stand for re-election for any office.

  • The term of office starts with the candidate’s acceptance of the winning ballot.

d. Vacancies in positions on the Committee of Volunteers will be posted on the Club Forum and in the Newsletter, with a deadline for nominations of two weeks after notification or if necessary sooner.

  • Club members may be notified of the call for nominations either by email or regular mail, depending upon how they receive the newsletter.

e. Elections, where more than one person is nominated, have the following guidelines.

  • The Editor of the Newsletter will invite each candidate to provide a brief description of their views for publication. A ballot will be provided in the Newsletter for mail-in, and the email address of the Club Secretary will be provided for electronic voting.The deadline for receiving ballots will be two weeks after mailing of the Newsletter.
  • In the case of voting for Secretary, the ballots will be sent to the President. If necessary sooner, Club members may be notified of the election by email or regular mail, depending on how they receive the newsletter.

g. Persons can be removed from the Committee of Volunteers if they no longer are a member in good standing,  OR if they fail to fulfill their responsibilities, OR for any other breach of duties. The removal is by majority vote of Committee members at the President’s request.

h. New positions can be created and outdated ones removed by majority vote of the Committee of Volunteers. The position descriptions can also be modified by majority vote.

i. No person shall be elected or appointed to any position on the Committee unless that person is a member of the Club in good standing i.e. a fully paid member.

j. No member shall be nominated for office without receiving his prior consent.

k.  A person can hold more than one position.

l. If a person wishes to resign, that person must hold office until a successor is elected or for a reasonable period of time that gives the Club the necessary time to find a replacement but no longer than one calendar month i.e. 30 days.

3. Description of Duties:

President: The President shall be the Chief Executive exercising general supervision over the interests and welfare of the Club.

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall keep the accounts of the Club. He/she shall collect all dues and revenues and deposit all monies to the credit of the Club in a bank account. He/she will provide a yearly report to the Club membership as well as file all the necessary IRS tax forms pertinent to the Club continuing its 501(c)5 tax-exempt status.

Membership Secretary: The Secretary will receive new member applications, maintain records of members, and send out the new member “Packet of Information”. The Secretary will also print the newsletter and mail or e-mail it to the members as well as update the members status on the website. The Secretary will receive nominations for Club officers and tally the votes.

Newsletter Editor: The Editor will publish the Club Newsletter, The Blue Clucker, on a quarterly basis and is responsible for its editorial content and appearance.

Webmaster: This person and their assistants will maintain and update the Club website in a timely fashion as well  ensure that the site is available, stable & secure.  They will also provide for full and secure backups of the domain.

Forum Administrator: This person will administer and moderate both the non-members (Public) and members only Forums.

Standards Representative: This person will represent the Club in any dealings with the American Poultry Association and the American Bantam Association including involving changes to the Araucana standard & notify the club President and/or Show Committee of any changes that may affect the Breed standard as well as assisting members in challenges to judges calls at APA/ABA shows.

Historian: The Historian will collect and store information concerning the history of the Club.

Show Committee: The Show Committee is made up of at least 3 members and at most  5 members. This committee will decide where the National Meet will be held each year as well as approves Semi-Annual & Special Meets.  It will also approve Qualifying Meets and set their criteria as well as decides on award(s) and prize money for the various Club shows and events at those shows.