What is the Blue Egg Clucker All About?

For those who are non members, you may be wondering what the newsletter, the Blue Egg Clucker is all about? Why would you want to become a member just to see it?

The newsletter comes out four times a year and includes updates on poultry show reports, as well as informational articles which cover everything from general husbandry, genetics, breeding, and much more. Sometimes content is specific to the Araucana breed and other times it is just great poultry information. To give you a little insight, here is one of the articles from a past issue. Become a member and get access to all of the back issues of the newsletter today!Poultry Identification Article 1Poultry Identification Article 2

New Egg Color Card

While not many of us breeders are focusing our attention on improving egg color, there are some that do …

New Egg Color Reference Card now available at in the merchandise section of the webpage.

The new card has been redesigned. The former card provided reference to all the potential colors that had been observed from Araucana flocks around the world. This new card has taken those digitally analyzed colors and gone a step further. Assessing the color makeup of each color a sample across the range has been taken and now provides preference to colors comprised of more blue as compared to red or green. The colors have been and will continue to be compared to actual shell colors (please message me if you would like to send in some shell samples).

From now until February 28 2018 any new or renewing membership will receive a free redesigned Egg Color Reference Card. If you have joined/renewed in January and would like a card, please message me.

Lastly, ACA members, the January 2018 newsletter is now available in the Member Library of the website.

note: the colors have been skewed in the sample image

Website Makeover

Hello Members,
My name is Jason Fishbein and I am the new club secretary. I have been doing some work on our club website and although I am still continuing the improvements, I wanted to invite you all to check out some of the new aspects.
  1. I urge all of you to take a moment, visit the site, log into your account and check out your profile. There are some new fields available to you. I have done my best to update the information with what we have but we all know things change and I wanted to make you aware of the ability to update your information at any time. From your profile you will be able to update your address, email address as well as the information that gets put onto the members list and breeders list.
  2. Speaking of members list, we now have our members list online. No more digging through emails and piecing together addendum after addendum. You can now see our full member list up to date from the member directory. Remember that Araucana handbook you got when you joined, can you find it? Well its right there for you in the member directory now!
  3. While the member directory is ONLY available to other members, the information you updated in your profile also feeds into the Breeder Listing which is available to the public. No more delay when you get your website up, simply update your profile and there it is for people to find from the breeder listing. As a member, you have the choice to opt in or out of the breeder listing, simply update the field on your profile to add yourself or remove yourself.
  4. Last but not least, the member library. As expected this is only open to members and includes ALL available past issues of the newsletter and other interesting articles and publications.
Inline image 1

ACA Member Appreciation Contest Announcement

ACA Member Appreciation Contest Announcement

Starting January 1, 2015 we will begin contests for all members to participate in.  These contests are free for all ACA members.  Just log in, go to the ACA Contest Page, choose your contest to enter (we may have several running at once) enter your name and email, then click the button.  It is that simple.  If you would like to suggest a fun contest to run let us know.

The first Member Appreciation contest begins January 1,2015.  The prize is the 2010 APA Standard of Perfection with a value of $59.

2010 SOP image

ACA Contest Page

Secretary Announcement

Today the President, Lanae Cash, announced the winner of the ACA Secretary post, Lisa Helms.  Congratulations from all of us go out to Lisa, to the other candidates for standing for the position as well as  the members who voted.  Many thanks to Fritz Ludwig who has served as Club Secretary for the past 8 years!

Congratulations Secretary Helms. You can meet Lisa, here.

President Annoucement

On February 1st, our president, Rosalyn Hemmer Upson,  and editor of the Blue Egg Clucker, resigned.  In her place, Lanae Cash, a show committee member, was chosen according to our Constitution.   Rosalyn has done an incredible job as President and wishes her the best in her new ventures.


Congratulations President Cash.  You can meet Lanae here.

2014 New Member Contest

January 1, 2014 New Member Contest Announcement – And the Winner is

#11 – Patricia Bailey

The winner was chosen for us by random.org

(new USA members only)

 All new members who reside in the Continental US, who paid for a membership in 2014 will automatically be entered in a drawing to win GQF 1588 Genesis Hova-Bator Incubator.  This particular model is valued at $160.00 and has several features that make it a top incubator choice including:

  • A top that inverts and nests neatly into the bottom for storage so it requires less space when not in use.
  • Round corner so it allows air to circulate more efficiently than a sharply cornered unit would.
  • A large clear viewing area which is a great advantage for those anxious to “see” what’s going on so you do not have to open it and ruin the temperature and humidity.
  • A  digital thermostat that does not have an external adjustment for little fingers to fiddle with or that can be hit accidentally and so errantly spoil a hatch.
  • Since water is only put into the unit in the beginning, allows for a “drier” hatch than those that have automatic waterers, so that the chicks are not suffocated and drowned.
  • A factory set certified/calibrated digital thermometer for 99.8 degree F, which is the perfect time tested temperature for a great hatch.
  • Holds a lot of Araucana eggs — 42 standard chicken eggs (more if they are bantam) — that can also be stored in the (additional –  as in not part of drawing) egg turner. 
  • It runs on 12V DC current. The plug goes through an adapter to your 110v. wall socket.  If you suffer or worry about power loss, then  you can add on an (additional again ) 12v DC adapter so you can continue to get current from a car battery!  Not even Mother Nature can stop you now.
    • You don’t have to move the incubator out to the garage btw.

Drawing will take place at the end of this year in the beginning of  January 2015.

Hovabator 1588


2014 New Member List